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We, at Dial TV, are your one stop shop for ultimate repair services regarding TVs, amplifiers, projectors and stereos. Our technical team is extremely skilled and has a lot of quality experience in solving technical problems related to LCD and LED TVs.

We can also undertake problems related to stereo systems and diagnose problems present in amplifier or projector systems. Moreover, our affordable rates make sure that the services we provide are within everybody’s budget.

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Our Mission

At Dial TV, we strive daily to raise the standards of TV and stereo repair industry, and we can proudly say that we have been successful in it. Our core mission is to satisfy our customers and provide them with exactly what they need. If our client’s TV system has some problem and they have granted us the opportunity to solve it, we make sure that the problem is rectified in the least amount of time. With timing, we also keep a tab on quality.

We don’t believe in temporary repairs. In fact, we consider that cheating. Charging for something that you haven’t provided is what other amateur repair companies do. We, at Dial TV, ensure sure that our client gets exactly what he/she paid us for.

Our Services

TV Repair – TV sets of all kinds and brands can be repaired at our service centre. From CRT and LCD to LED and Plasma, we can handle them all. We can also do board level repairs that include the IC and T-CON board repair of the system.

Projector Repair – We have repaired projectors of myriad number of clients that belong to both – commercial and institutional organisations. Projector lamp replacement and IC repair jobs can be easily handled by our technical team.

Amplifier Repair – Amplifiers in homes and city theatres of Winnipeg have often seen the faces of our repair men. They have treated them for problems like inadequate power supply, overheating, humming and a lot more.

Stereo Repair – Stereos of all kinds and types can be repaired by us. Problems like no sound from speakers, grounding out and blown out speakers are resolved by our technical team in no time. For any replacement, we only make use of original parts.

We have been solving technical issues related to TVs, amplifiers, projectors and stereo systems from years in Manitoba. Our services are best in quality and price.

Call us to get your LCD or LED TV repaired instantaneously for any kind of hardware issues.