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Home audio amplifiers are the essence of music systems. They take the bass and volume to a whole new level and also give a variety of other customization options with which one can tweak the sound according to his requirements. Amplifiers, like their name, amplify the sound and make sure that even the slightest of the notes are heard clearly.

One can either use them with their stereo system or just plug it with their guitar for a jam session. Thus, amplifiers also known as amps, provide a lot of flexibility to their users. Like any electronic device, amplifiers too suffer from problems and we, at Dial TV, can solve them all.

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Common Problems with Amplifiers

  1. Humming – Humming is one of the most common problems with home audio amplifiers. Humming can be a result of various factors and therefore diagnosing the right one is very crucial. If, for instance, the loudness of humming gets affected by turning the volume control up and down, the fault lies in the volume control. But if it remains unchanged, then the problem’s source can be traced to internal components.
  2. Overheating – Audio amplifiers can produce a great amount of heat and this is a regular problem with them. If they are left switched on for a long period of time or are kept near heating-generating devices, they may get overheated. Overheating can damage the internals of the amplifier. Resistors and capacitors that make up the IC of the amplifier may burn out making the amplifier totally disable. Pushing the amp’s settings to extreme levels can also cause overheating.
  3. Inadequate Power Supply – Home audio amplifiers need a great deal of power and if they receive it inadequate amounts, they may not operate to their full potential. In case you’ve done the right settings with your amp and still think that the quality or volume is too low, then the power unit of the amp may not be working properly.
  4. Incompatible Devices – A host of devices can be connected to an amplifier. But, if they are incompatible with the amp itself, then they may cause some problems. The humming sound discussed earlier may be caused by some incompatible device attached to it instead of the amplifier’s internal component. Using such devices over a period of time will also degrade the sound quality of your amplifier.

Common Brands for Amplifier Parts

  • Celestion
  • Eminence
  • Fender
  • Markbass

  • JBL
  • Tung-Sol
  • Jensen
  • Mullard

How we Repair Troublesome Amplifiers

T he humming sound can be avoided if incompatible devices are kept at bay. If the sound continues, then the IC needs to be checked for finding the root cause of the problem.

I f you think you are feeding the right voltage and current to the amplifier, the problem of inadequate power supply may reside with its power unit which we, at Dial TV, can solve in no time.

I ncompatible devices can definitely do some harm to your amplifier. Therefore, we can troubleshoot your devices to report you about all those that are incompatible. This will increase your amp’s life.

We, at Dial TV, can solve any problem related to your TV, projector, stereo and amplifiers. Our technical team is highly skilled and our replacement services, unlike other amateur repair companies, are much more budget friendly.

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