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CRT television screens was major leap in technology when they were first introduced. Their display was sharper and the colors were vivid like never before. However, the CRT technology aged gracefully and was succeeded by more advanced and sophisticated displays.

Although rare, but CRT screens can still be found in many Canadian households and industry. Being old, they obviously suffer from various problems.

We, at Dial TV, make sure that CRT TV problems won’t disrupt your favourite primetime programs.

Problems Faced by CRT Displays

Single Horizontal Line – The appearance of a single horizontal line is a common problem with CRT monitors. It may be caused due to cold or loose solder of a vertical IC or a leaky capacitor.

Single Vertical Line – Although rare, but this problem may pop-up in CRT screens due to a pin going to a horizontal deflection yoke.Pincushion Distortion – Pincushion distortion happens in old models of Sony or other branded CRT TVs where IC problems happen due to faulty circuits.

Magnetization – Magnets present near the CRT screen can corrode or damage the set’s shadow mask causing wrong colors to appear in that area. High power magnets can even bend the mask leading irreparable damages.

Washed Out Colors – With time certain family of colors like the reds’ and the blues’ may wear out with time causing a green hue to form on the dark areas of the entire picture.

Common CRT TV Brands That we Repair:

  • Hitachi
  • Panasonic
  • LG
  • Sony
  • Toshiba
  • Philips
  • Samsung
  • Haier

How We Deal With Problems in CRT TVs

  • We can safely discharge any troublesome capacitors for your safety.
  • We use series light bulbs to power up your TV without blowing off any components.
  • Our reliable technical team can dust the internals of your TV for better performance.
  • Internal hardware adjustments on the T-CON board are accomplished effectively.
  • Focus and picture adjustments can be done by us for a better viewing experience.
  • Pincushion adjustments can be made by us to deal with the problem of pincushion.
  • We make geometrical adjustments to remove any vertical/horizontal lines on screen.
  • We also carry out CRT convergence and purity adjustments.
  • Tilted picture problems can be handled easily by our technical team.
  • Low voltage or power supply issues can be tackled with ease.

We, at Dial TV, are a leading name when it comes to TV, projector and stereo repair in Winnipeg. The parts we provide are the best in the entire market and the pricing is also extremely budget-friendly.

Call us TODAY if your TV is giving you any kind of problems.