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An LCD television is prone to develop faults with time. These faults vary from system to system and are equally dependant on the complexity of the system. Hence, there is no such fixed pattern on what the LCD problem is. However, no matter how big the problem is, we, at Dial TV, can solve any technical issues related to your CRT, LCD, LED or Plasma television.

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Common Problems in LCD TVs

  • Screen does not work, but the sound is active
  • Both – the screen and speakers do not work
  • Screen Colours seem washed – Distorted picture
  • Sound is too low or too loud
  • Screen is cracked or smashed
  • Peripherals connectivity issues
  • Internal hardware is broken/defective
  • Internal connections are loose/defective

Some Common Brands of LCD TVs & Replacement Parts

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Hitachi
  • Toshiba
  • JVC
  • And more…

Commonly Diagnosed LCD Problems

LCD TVs suffer from various problems. We fix every major/minor problem including:

Customers often report that their TV screen goes black while the speakers continue producing sound. The cause for this problem may or may not be a hardware defect. If the input settings of the TV are loose, even then, such a situation can occur.

When input settings of the TV are correct and the problem continues to persist, then a possible reason could be that the power supply inside the television is defective. This is a hardware malfunction and should be handled only by professionals.

Another defect that may arise in the internals of a LCD TV is a wire being in short circuit with another electrical component within the IC. Sometimes, a capacitor is loosely soldered to the IC. Here, the part is either replaced or repaired.

Cracked or smashed screen can result in serious damage to the television and it can’t be repaired. However, the panel as a whole can be replaced. Also, we deal in TCON board replacement and repair.

Power light on TV stays on but the sound or display is not working. This signifies a problem with the defective board or power supply board. No power light means the hardware problem could be the result of a short circuit.

Half bright and half bright screen is the result of defective panel. If you have surpassed the warranty period, the manufacturer won’t replace the panel. We have a range of original panels for a variety of brands in numerous sizes.

Your Trusted Television Repair Shop in Winnipeg

Over the years, we have repaired hundreds of LCD, LED, Plasma and CRT televisions of local resident in Winnipeg. This has earned us reputation of trusted TV repair professionals locally. Television repair requires detailed knowledge regarding every single part along with experience from past repair projects.

 We, at Dial TV, are a team of dynamic and experienced TV repair professionals who are committed to the job of eliminating any LCD TV issues. LCD TV parts replacement used in repairs are of extremely high quality and we make sure that our service and products suits all pockets.

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