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With the advent of the LED technology, the television industry has progressed leaps and bounds. LED TVs offer a much more crisp display with sharp colors and much better viewing angles.

Still whether it is an LED, a LCD or a CRT, the television suffers from many ailments throughout its lifetime. However, you don’t have anything to worry anymore.

We, at Dial TV, are the most popular choice among the locals of Winnipeg for their TV problems.

Some Common LED TV Problems

LED TVs are available in the market in two kinds, namely – Backlit and Edge LED TVs. While the former is much more popular among the people, the latter was an attempt by researchers to make the TV thinner by taking the source of light towards the edges of the TV instead of its back.

Problems of Edge LED TVs


A black uniformity problem when uniformity of the backlight is defective. It becomes more prominent in black scenes in a dark room. It appears in spots & is called clouding since it appears as clouds on dark screen.


Just like clouding, flashlighting is also caused due to the same reason with the only difference being that in case of flashlighting, it looks as if a flashlight has been pointed towards the corners of the screen.

Crushed Blacks

Crushed blacks is the problem that occurs when one tries to display colors that are beyond the capability of the screen’s technical power. This problem is quite frequent in edge LED TVs of major brands.

Problems with Backlight LED TVs


Banding refers to the appearance of vertical lines on the TV screen while watching or viewing something. It is generally a manufacturing defect and it does not have any relation to TV usage.


The contrast of an LED TV is quite vivid. Hence, sometime, the white colors on the black screen trail off into black. This is known as blooming.

Screen Lag

In this case, the image on the screen lags as compared to the backlight source causing flickering of the display.

Common Brands for Parts of LED TV:

  • LG
  • Hitachi
  • Samsung

  • Sony
  • JVC
  • Toshiba

How we Approach Problems in LED TVs:

If your screen does not display anything, then either the input is loose or unplugged, or there is an internal hardware defect. Whatever the case may be, no television problem can go unchecked through our eyes.

In case of a hardware defect, we fix it with high quality parts. Our products are both reliable and cost efficient. Our professionals are trained to deal with almost all sorts of technical problems in LED TVs. Whether it is clouding, flash lighting or blooming, Dial TV has a solution for all of them.

We can proudly say that Dial TV is one of the most trusted names in Winnipeg when it comes to TV repair.

Call us anytime to know more about our Winnipeg LED TV repair services.