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Plasma TVs are the latest to leave their mark in the bid screen arena. Plasma TVs have a much greater pixel density than LCD or LED TVs. Thus, are able to provide a much more refined viewing experience. However, just like everything else, the plasma technology also has its own share of problems.

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Common Problems with Plasma TVs:

  • Burn-In

Also called image retention, this is a common plasma screen issue when a static image appears faintly visible even though the screen image has changed.

  • Pixelation

  • Pixelation is referred to the situation where certain squarish spots start appearing on the screen. Plasma screens suffer from this problem quite often.

  • Sunburst Pattern

  • Sunburst pattern refers to a ring or a burst of color on the display. This is generally caused if the screen is pressed too hard.

  • Phosphor Trails

  • It is observed in black-and-white or fast-moving scenes. It is caused due to the instantaneous change from light to dark in a certain area of the screen.

  • Rainbow Effect

  • The rainbow effect on the display is caused due to high contrast images where a rainbow like formation may be observed on the screen.

  • Posterization

  • Posterization or poster-like effect is caused when the image on the screen contains small points of bright light.

Common Brands for Plasma TV Parts:

  • Viore
  • ILO
  • Zenith
  • Polaroid
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Sharp
  • Vizio
  • Toshiba
  • Panasonic

Our Approach to Deal With Plasma TV Problems

  • The burn-in problem in plasma TVs can’t be removed totally. However, the degree of this problem can be reduced by certain tools like the JScreenFix.
  • Pixelation is often caused due to defective or dead capacitors or transitiors on board that can be either repaired or replaced as per the need.
  • Sun burst patterns are again a result of some fault in the TV’s T-Con board.
  • Effects like phosphor trails, rainbow effect and posterization are often a result of some fault in the TV’s power supply or electronic circuit.

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