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A good stereo system with the right track on the playlist can really charge up the mood of any party – whether in home or car. Stereo systems nowadays can take input from various sources like a disk drive, a CD or even a cassette. During their lifetime, stereo systems also suffer from a variety of problems.

We, at Dial TV, are your ultimate choice, since we have a tremendous experience in solving problems of stereo systems.

Common Problems in Stereos

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  • Speakers not Working

    This is one of the common problems with stereo systems. In this case, the problem may lie either with the speaker or with the system itself. Speakers may not be receiving an input from the system, or maybe the system is unable to send an output to the speakers.

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  • Overheating

    A stereo system might heat up if it is being continuously used for a long duration or if it is placed near a heat-generating system. Overheating of the stereo can alter the functioning of its internal components in a drastic way. The resistors, capacitors inside the stereo’s IC might also heat up and break down.

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  • Humming

    A humming sound that can be heard in the background is a common stereo fault. It is caused due to the malfunctioning of the speakers or due to some faulty component in the IC. Attaching incompatible devices to the stereo system may also give birth to this humming sound.

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  • Grounding Out

    The ground or earth wire of the stereo system greatly affects its performance. Grounding out happens when the ground wire is either loose or totally disconnected from the system. This situation can result in a little spotty or humming sound or may result in no sound at all.

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  • Blown Speakers

    A speaker can be termed as blown out if it produces too much distorted sound. The music is not clear and the speaker produces the same distorted sound at every track that is played. This is generally the result of too much power being routed to the speaker. Such speakers cannot be repaired and can only be replaced.

Common Brands for Stereo Parts

  • Sony
  • JVC
  • Yamaha
  • Denon
  • Sharp
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • LG

How we Repair Stereo Systems

  1. In case the speakers are unable to produce any sound, then we troubleshoot both – speaker and the system to find the source of the problem and then repair or replace the faulty part accordingly.

  2. Overheating may cause some part in the IC of the system to blow out due to which the stereo might stop working. In that case, we replace the component that was affected.

  3. If the humming sound is being produced due to some faulty IC component, our technical team will replace it. If that’s not the case, we simply troubleshoot your attached devices to check if one of them is the source of that sound.

  4. If your stereo has grounded out due to a faulty ground/earth wire, we replace it with a new, good quality ground wire.

We, at Dial TV, know electrical devices like TVs, projectors, amplifiers and stereo systems inside out. Our services are quick and extremely budget friendly.

Call us TODAY if your stereo system is making you hear what you don’t want to!